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Preparing Your Quilt Top


  1. Make sure your quilt top is well pressed and seams are flattened.  Seams should be pressed flat not pressed open.
  2. Trim all hanging threads from the back and edge as much as you can.  Those threads will show through light areas of the quilt.
  3. Quilting does not correct piecing problems.  If there is fullness in the center or wavy borders, you may wind up with pleats or puckers.  All effort will be made to correct such problems during the quilting but there is no guarantee that all problems can be worked out.  To avoid wavy borders and pleats, you must make your quilt fit your borders.  Measure through the middle of the quilt and cut your borders to that length.  You may need to ease the quilt to fit the borders.
  4. Identify the top of your quilt and backing with a safety pin if it has a directional print.
  5. If you want curved corners, please wait until the quilting is finished to cut the curves. Proper attachment of the quilt to the long-arm machine depends on straight, square corners.


Prepare The Backing

  1. The backing fabric should be 100% cotton fabric.  Do not use flat sheets.
  2. The backing must be at least 8 inches larger in length and width than the top
  3. Please use a 5/8″ seam to piece large sections of the backing.  Press the seam open.
  4. Please press the backing fabric